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Like the morning star; bright, exuding great radiance of unsurpassing splendor and great expectations, 95.5 Royal FM was birthed 8th April, 2011 with the cream of voices this side of the Niger greeting the air-waves at exactly 9.55am.

It heralded the dawn of a new broadcasting in the oil rich state of Nigeria- Bayelsa.
With a whole new dimension into the industry, 95.5 Royal FM cuts across the strata of society with a unique pidgin and English blend making it the in-thing in the Niger Delta. Little wonder then the slogan, ‘THE Majestic Blend’.
No home can afford to be denied of the entertainment, education and ever-breaking news of the broadcasting pride of the Niger Delta-95.5 Royal FM.

We have come your way! We have come to stay!



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